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Mi - 11 days ago

Wont let me log in

Caz - 11 days ago

Can’t log in to my account

Am - 11 days ago

It won’t let me log in

Sofia - 11 days ago

It logged me out and won’t let me log in despite me even changing my password

niamh - 11 days ago

not letting me log in

Loz Moo - about 1 month ago

Can’t purchase anything keeps saying “something went wrong our end”

Jessica - 2 months ago

Vinted is not loading at all on my device

Sw - 2 months ago

Can’t log in

Kerry - 2 months ago

White screen circle going around and won’t connect

Kerry - 2 months ago

Can't log into vinted using any of my details

Stephanie Lansdown - 2 months ago

Buy bottom won’t work

Jules - 2 months ago

Vinted server error

Ani - 2 months ago

I’m trying to type a message to someone but the keyboard doesn’t appear

Kelly Durham - 2 months ago

App is just spinning so can’t access at all

Lily - 2 months ago

Can’t load my messages - it say Application Error - a client side exception has occurred (see the browser consol for more information). I have cleared my cache etc..

Bee484848 - 2 months ago

My app won’t load, just a white screen with a circle going round

Kim - 2 months ago

Can't open messages or buy

Frank Warren - 2 months ago

Unable to log in

Sue young - 2 months ago

Can’t get on the site to read my messages

sue kirk - 3 months ago

not able to access photo gallery when trying to upload to selling an item

Suzy Maltwood - 3 months ago

Can’t make a payment

Steve cooper - 3 months ago

No connection,

Rachel banks - 3 months ago

Can't get on to site won't connect

Sarah - 3 months ago

Not loading

Alexandra Draycott - 3 months ago

I cannot sign in or change my password on the site & I’m not receiving the email I require to do so!

Michelle - 3 months ago

Iam unable to download a shipping label

Michelle - 3 months ago

It’s not coming up with option to offer a buyer a price

Heidi Brand - 3 months ago

When the app opens it’s just a white screen with a circle going round

Dippy - 3 months ago

Can't access photos to upload to adverts, even after clearing the cache and restarting my phone

Penny Sharland - 3 months ago

Cannot upload any photos, error message coming up

Mel - 3 months ago

Can’t log in to my account. Doesn’t recognise my phone number

kate catterall - 3 months ago

Can’t access account

Louise - 3 months ago

Cant buy, pay using the App. Nothing happening

Anna - 3 months ago

Doesn’t load pictures and profiles and doesn’t let me search

C d - 3 months ago

Can’t log in

Chantelle - 3 months ago

Cannot reply to any seller that I have brought items off keeps telling me sorry something is wrong really annoying me now

Cb - 3 months ago

Froze my laptop, can't get It to power up again

Beau - 3 months ago

Can’t log in phone number not verifying

Dawn - 3 months ago

Says my device is blocked from every device I’ve tried

Anne jackson - 3 months ago

Couldn’t open just got the wheel of doom. Tried turning phone off and on. Tried deleting app and then reloading from AppStore but nothing is working. Have messages that I now can’t deal with

Jade - 3 months ago

Won’t load

ZARA - 4 months ago

Not able to scroll down

Deb - 4 months ago

Won't move, just sticks, can't scroll up, down etc, been the same most of the day.

Mel - 4 months ago

It won’t scroll down down so I can’t leave messages or search

Nic - 4 months ago

Will not scroll. Sticking. Unable to scroll items

Sally wade - 4 months ago

Just not loading. Very very slow

Jane Tierney - 4 months ago

Unable to complete action , unable to view very intermittent. Used both google search and app

Nan - 4 months ago

Not loading page

Shona - 4 months ago

It’s freezing as cannot pay for an item that the seller has accepted on my offer

Monique Davies - 4 months ago

I've been logged out of account and neither my telephone or email are recognized. App is now not responding

Carl Wiseman - 4 months ago

Messages disappeared

Annalise davis - 4 months ago

Won't let me log in or verify my phone number

Sarah snowden - 4 months ago

Won't let me log back in

Tracy partridge - 4 months ago

Can’t load anything on to sell auto pop up saying something is wrong their end.

Danielle - 4 months ago

Unable to verify mobile number or access my account

roxynoah0501 - 4 months ago

My app is not loading

Beck - 4 months ago

last few items sent are all still pending and the last few items sold on offers are giving me the download for shipping so send out?

Trish - 4 months ago

It logged me out and can’t log I. And reset password email not sent

Marcia DEVINE - 4 months ago

I can go into the site but then nothing works. I was trying to pay my seller and leave feedback

Jo hussein - 4 months ago

White screen won’t load

Catherine Kay - 4 months ago

White screen, with the loading symbol. Tried at home and work on wifi and 4g and nothing.

Beth - 4 months ago

I was logged out of my account 3 days ago and when I log back in it says I need to verify my phone number. When I type in my number it either says incorrect or that there’s an issue on Vinted’s end.

Bes - 5 months ago

Online vinted won’t load my messages

Scott - 5 months ago

Wont let me verify my phone number and access my account

Lisa - 5 months ago

App won’t open

Leonie - 5 months ago

Vinted black screen can’t log on

Kate Wigham - 5 months ago

Won’t Open as an app where all other apps working

Mrs-x - 6 months ago

Unable to pay for items

Kelly - 6 months ago

I can't download a shipping label after a buyer has paid/bought the item!

Lynnette - 6 months ago

Can’t load the app at all. Have reinstalled and it loads to the sign up page, but won’t log in.

Jessica Chandler - 6 months ago

Down unable to log in

Gt - 6 months ago

The app search function

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