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Having trouble accessing We have run tests using our own servers, and you can view the results in the table above. If you are also experiencing difficulties, it is likely that is currently down. In such cases, we recommend waiting until the website is back up and running. It's possible that the server is overwhelmed with traffic or undergoing maintenance, which requires some time to resolve the issue. down? - How to fix it

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Browser Related Problems

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  1. Clean your local DNS records to ensure you fetch the most recent cache provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). For Windows, open the Command Prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns followed by pressing Enter. Instructions for other operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS can be found in their respective user guides: Windows, Linux, Mac OS
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Share your feedback on the service status or report any problems you're encountering by leaving a comment below. By doing so, you can inform others that they are not alone in facing difficulties. Please keep in mind that when you leave a comment, your country, service provider, and browser information may be displayed alongside your comment. This information is used to better analyze any potential outages and assist in resolving the issues more effectively.

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George - 10 days ago

can't load any pages off the homepage

Ania - 3 months ago

any pages cant be found!

J - 3 months ago

Site was cyber attack

Natasha - 3 months ago

Says site is down.

Debbie - 3 months ago

Website has been down for several hours

Shari - 3 months ago

The website is down Feb 8/23 4:18pm

J - 3 months ago

Entire site has been down for a few hours now

Mg - 3 months ago

Says site is down

Tom Stormonth - 3 months ago

Lisa S @PrincessLiisaa · 30m Replying to @chaptersindigo Hmm you can’t buy anything in store as all their machines are down. Not even with cash

Tom Stormonth - 3 months ago


Tom Stormonth - 3 months ago

Not only down online but stores can only accept cash payment!

Andy - 3 months ago

It goes to a placeholder page saying it's currently down.

hayden - 3 months ago

indigo is currently down for today

Han - 3 months ago

Website is down

Ashley Brown - 3 months ago

Down for me. Ontario

rj - 3 months ago

i keep getting the message: OOPS: something has gone wrong. we have run into a technical error

Ur mom - 3 months ago

Cant even open the app without it closing itself, i just wanna buy some books😔

Ashton - 3 months ago

not letting me add to my cart.

g. Keights - 4 months ago

can not place orders, clicking on item takes you to an url error page

Chris - 4 months ago

Not able to sign in and individual book pages are not able to be accessed

Kyoung - 4 months ago

Site has lots of invalid links

Jack - 4 months ago

Certain books return an error for "no url"

Jessica - 4 months ago

Unable to add items to bag

T - 4 months ago

Chrome says the site has an invalid certificate.

ag - 4 months ago

checkout is down

KG - 4 months ago

I am not able to add to cart

Natalie - 4 months ago

Every time I go to checkout and select "ship to store", my cart will empty. If I sign out and sign back in its there. Can't fully checkout (at least without shipping to an address).

Bean - 4 months ago

it won't sign me into my account

lisa - 4 months ago

won't let me add anything to my cart

sukh - 4 months ago

website is down and doesn't work

Anika - 5 months ago

Won't login

Shan - 5 months ago

Cannot check out

terra schmidt - 5 months ago

I keep getting error code 161 when I go to complete order and checkout

Jen - 5 months ago

Cart keeps emptying as soon as I hit “Keep shopping”, and when I view cart, I get a blank screen.

J - 5 months ago

Error message, can’t access site

Randy Lowry - 5 months ago

checkout not accepting paypal or credit card

Bob - 5 months ago

Still down, been trying since 7-8pm today

Bob - 5 months ago

Can’t login or check rewards or add anything to the cart. It’s there, but it isn’t functional.

Denzel - 5 months ago

Website and app not allowing me to track my orders

Seth - 5 months ago

Can't add anything to cart or sign in

Lunn - 5 months ago

Not working

Tegan - 5 months ago

Adding to cart. Just get an error message

Sarah Lavallee - 5 months ago

Won’t let me add anything to cart

Sara - 5 months ago

can't order - keep getting error message (on both phone app and desktop browser)

noelle - 5 months ago

can't add anything to cart

Chantal - 5 months ago

Can't add items to cart. Trouble logging in. Rejected passwords. problems loading pages.

Kathy - 5 months ago

Won’t let me put anything in cart

pb - 5 months ago

An error occurred. I try to add to cart 1 in 10 clicks gets accepted. After three books it took many many tries to see my cart... and then there was only one book in it

Lisa - 5 months ago

Cart will not load

Grace - 5 months ago

It's been 1.5 hours now; I cannot add to cart. Cleared cache as well and made sure the problem is consistent on all devices and different browsers.

Andie - 5 months ago

can't add anything to cart

Jen - 5 months ago

cannot login

Laura - 5 months ago

Not able to add to cart

Lucy - 5 months ago

I cannot login or add to my cart :(

ih - 5 months ago


ih - 5 months ago


S - 5 months ago

Cart won’t load

Darian Macdonald - 5 months ago

cart not loading, cant add items to cart

Linda - 5 months ago

cannot access my account

a - 5 months ago

website wont go to main page

optionsplease - 5 months ago

Items refuse to add to cart; accessing cart prompts an error message.

Matthew - 5 months ago


Marina - 5 months ago

I can't log into my chapters.indigo account

Kiara - 5 months ago

Indigo will not let me login in the app or in my browser. Makes it hard to claim plum plus discount.

Nyx - 6 months ago

The website has issues with me logging in (it logged in on the mobile site but can't process my request on the desktop) and won't let me check out - even as a guest - despite displaying 2 items in cart the website tells me the cart is empty.

Anthony - 6 months ago

Returns error when I try to add book to shopping cart

Jo - 6 months ago

Can’t add things to my cart. The website just hangs

f - 6 months ago

error page

canadian shopper - 6 months ago

applying gift card & signing in to account not working

Amy - 6 months ago

just keeps reloading 'can't process please try again' when loading log in details. Then tried to checkout as a guest and it is frozen loading on the page after submitting my credit card details

maggie - 6 months ago

It's not letting me sign into my account at checkout

Y - 6 months ago

we can't sign into our account

c - 6 months ago

wont load

Courtney - 6 months ago

Can't sign in or add things to cart

Diana - 6 months ago

Indigo website won't load

Kim - 6 months ago

Add item to cart, go to cart and not loading

Stacie - 6 months ago

Anytime I try to add something to my cart it won't add and I get a pop up saying something went wrong.

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